The A350: A Focus on the Passenger Experience

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The words “Passenger Experience” are music to my ears. It seems like ages ago that the airline industry last used this term. For the last decade or so, the passenger experience has been taking a rough beating, mainly because the airlines have focused more on cramming in 100 extra seats (exaggeration) on every plane they own, in hopes of making up for lost revenue from surging fuel costs and airport taxes.
It’s getting better though. It really is. And when you really think about it, it’s not just the fault of the airlines themselves, but also that of the airplane manufacturers. Designing more advanced and sustainable planes is a key part in creating a more fulfilling passenger experience for any airline.
Although Boeing is getting a lot of press and attention from its beautifully designed 787 Dreamliner, it’s Airbus that is coining the term “Passenger Experience” all over again.
I for one can not wait to see the A350 in action.

Emirates Airlines Teams Up With Windows 8 and HP

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Many airlines are now teaming up with tech companies to innovate and reinvision the flight experience. Recently, United Airlines along with a few others US carriers announced that their flight crew would begin using iPads as log books and passenger manifests.

Virgin America teamed up for a while with San Francisco neighbor, Google, to offer Chrome Books to their passengers. American Airlines teamed up with Samsung and now offers the Samsung Galaxy Tab to its Premium Class members.

And now, Emirates Airlines is introducing a partnership with Windows 8 and HP. The flight crew will have access to all information that they need regarding their flight and will be able to manage their jobs a little more efficiently.

Innovation never stops growing and there is huge potential in the Airline industry. #JustSaying…

An Unexpected Briefing from Air New Zealand

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Air New Zealand has been leading recently in inflight safety videos. The outrageously hilarious video featuring Richard Simons made it clear that this airline is out to change the way things are done. The video went super viral and brought back some humor to flying.

About 3 weeks ago, Air New Zealand ditched Richard Simmons (not sure if for good) to help promote Peter Jackson’s upcoming film, The Hobbit. This new inflight video features characters from Middle Earth and a special cameo from Peter Jackson himself.

Fiji Airways Becomes the Coolest Airline in the Sky

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Back in August, I posted about the rebranding efforts of Fiji Airways. First impressions were amazing. The visual aesthetic was different, vibrant and appropriate to Fiji and its people. And most importantly, this brand had a story to tell.

The first images released showed us the visual identity and kept us wishing and hoping for a livery as beautiful. This morning my wish came true. Finally, there’s an airline brand that does away with “swooshes” and “contemporary”, and instead flies proudly with its heritage literally tattooed on its tail.

Bravo Fiji Airways.

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Thompson Airways released a new commercial showing off its 787 last week. More and more, I feel the 787 is gaining a lot of love from passengers, more than the A380 ever got. Or at least it seems that way.

But that aside, this commercial really hits home with the memories. Love it.

And you know what the BEST part is? “Designed for you”. Brilliant!

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I’ve been really hooked on these conceptual videos that Airbus has been posting on their YouTube channel for some time now. They’re doing a great job keeping enthusiast and the public informed on what to expect in the future from the aviation industry.

This latest video introduces the concept of Smart Skies and Express Skyways where the idea of flying in formation, similar to birds in nature, could become a reality.